by Hitesh Changela

Breakthrough Customer Growth

15 Proven Ways to Help You Get and Retain Customers While Growing Sales Swiftly and Effectively

  • Do you want more customers and retain existing customers?
  • Do you want to generate even more sales?
  • Are you looking for Sales Transformation?

The book focuses purely on how to generate sales from new and existing customers using CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

You will get 223 ways to achieve sales using CRM, comprehensive practical workshop with more than 365 actions or questions to help businesses generate even more sales. And much more...

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Breakthrough Customer Growth Workbook

15 Workshops to help you get and retain customers while growing sales swiftly and effectively

  • Do you want instant ideas about how to get customers, retain customers and generate sales?

One of the most comprehensive workbook ever designed to take business beyond your dreams.

This workbook asks insightful questions to invoke you emotionally and intellectually to enable you to generate creative solutions to improve and ultimately transform your business.

This workbook is applicable to small, medium and large size businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, sales manager, marketing manager, in fact, anyone who needs to generate sales.

Any single action or exercise in this workbook has the potential to transform your business.

My promise to you is that by using this workbook in a truthful manner, you will gain powerful sales ideas, as well as clear action plans on how to generate more sales quickly, if not instantly.


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About the Author

Hitesh Changela is CEO of CRM Ultimate Limited, an innovative software technology company, based in the UK. He helps small to medium size businesses by increasing their efficiency and sales. He makes it easier for businesses to create, track, and keep customers for longer periods of time, if not for life.

Hitesh has successfully helped clients in various industries such as insurance, technology, telecoms, construction, auto, cleaning, non-profit organisations and health & fitness industries.

His ultimate aim for his clients is maximum sales, minimum effort.