“Hitesh Changela shares a clear and practical approach for applying the concepts of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to drive sales growth. This book, grounded in the latest industry research, provides robust workshop materials, diagnostic questions, and checklists to help business owners quickly pinpoint the best opportunities for capturing the benefits of CRM for their specific enterprise.”

William Band

Formerly, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

CRM Thought Leader

“Customer Growth Breakthrough has such a practical approach to Customer relations. Hitesh Changela gives a good understanding of CRM for users of any level and also provides detailed guidance of how to approach CRM to generate revenues in any business.”

Arun Pudur

President & Founder, Pudur Corporation

Asia’s Richest Self-Made Billionaire Under 40

“If you run a business of any size, and have any ambition whatsoever, you’d be a fool not to lock yourself and your team away for a few hours and work through this book from cover to cover. In Breakthrough Customer Growth, Hitesh sets everything out for you in such a clear way, that even if you implement just a few of the strategies he gives you on a plate, you cannot help but grow your business x10. Generating leads, nurturing them, turning them into lifelong clients who refer more business to you, is the only way to have a truly sustainable business of any kind. To automate this process with a brilliantly simple CRM system, will take your business to a level beyond your wildest dreams. Hitesh is a genius: let some of his magic rubs off on your business.”

Steve Lazarus

CEO at Claims Desk Ltd,

Five Deadly Sins That Can Destroy Your Insurance Claim

“Hitesh Changela has produced a book on CRM that is well researched, well constructed and, most importantly, very well conceived and considered. It is a book that can be used as an instruction manual for the neophyte who needs to get a grip on what CRM is all about. It is equally a book that will challenge the values and practices of those gnarled old sales and marketing warhorses who have become complacent.

Hitesh starts very well by stressing that CRM is not software but the philosophy of the customer-oriented mindset augmented by software. He then asks a number of penetrating questions that any business must address to succeed, but which many businessmen (and warhorses) gloss over for fear of the answers they will give themselves.

It is a well defined and well constructed workbook with distinct elements that may be addressed individually where specific business functions can be improved. The book may also be used as a developmental exercise, from front to back, where a business needs to set its feet firmly in the market place of its target customers. The questions in the book will also allow a good look at established feet in the marketplace and question whether they should be where they are.

The greatest attribute of the book is its ability to question and challenge the assumptions of any business. Precious few businesses can rely on “more of the same” to compete in a changing world. Hitesh opens a door on a world of fewer inaccurate assumptions, more information, more consideration, better organisation and eventually more profit. The software helps but it is really about the thinking.”

Dr Ian C Corner


CRM Research and Implementation

“The book is comprehensive with many practical tips showing the most effective way of dealing with business development situations. People relate to case studies so the scenarios depicting real life situations are very useful, and as there are a number of them, each reader will be very likely to find one which matches what they are trying to achieve.”

Mike Driver

CRM and Change Professional

“I liked the way Hitesh presents concepts that are easy to read and understand and the real life conversations to inspire teams to raise their game. This is a substantial piece of work and a labour of love. In the book, I found a number of really useful ideas that SME business owners can use to improve their sales and marketing, win customers and grow their business. I recommend it to SME business owners looking for inspiration.”

Frank Bennett

Author and NED

“Wow! Hitesh has nailed in detail what is involved to implement CRM effectively in a business, it's a lot. I really like how Hitesh has broken the book down into meaningful chapters, used quotes, facts and then used scenarios to help readers better understand how to use the content. The side by side comparisons of each topic showing the difference a CRM strategies and systems may make to a business are also useful to understanding the benefits to the business. The workbook sheets will really assist readers to introduce CRM across their business. Readers who have thought about implementing CRM and want a step by step guide to help them will find this book very useful. Well done Hitesh.”

Ross Keating

Business Strategies, Inside Sales, Social Selling Strategies, CRM Strategies, Customer Retention

“Breakthrough Customer Growth certainly provides breadth and depth whilst maintaining the balance of strategic guidance and a practical toolkit. It will enable commercially-minded marketers to identify growth opportunities and then how to focus on the generating the growth. Additionally, if you need to build a business case for investment in a customer value focused strategy or indeed a supporting technical infrastructure, Hitesh's wise words are a great place to start and refer back to as your plans develop.”

Nigel Grimes

Director of Anaylin Limited,

'Bringing sense and value to your data'

“I like they way Hitesh has presented everything. One of my favorite aspects of the book is that he has provided an interactive worksheet to help people go through the process of defining how they want their CRM system, and the software that supports it, to function. I believe that this is a critical step that many companies overlook. Hitesh provides an excellent guide to help people focus on what it takes to have a successful implementation. The book is organized well and the chapters are easily read. This allows readers to move forward at their own pace and get the maximum benefit from the material.”

Chuck Sena

Capital Equipment Sales professional with over 25 years experience

implementing CRM systems in small to mid-size businesses

“There is a great deal of practical information in 'Breakthrough Customer Growth' that can be put into action the Monday after readers finish it on Sunday night. Hitesh is doing the reader a great service by sharing a great deal of value whether reader is beginner or an expert on CRM.”

Nick Poulos

Managing Director, Chrysalis Marketing

Executive Coach, Strategist, Systems Thinker & Solutions Facilitator, Lecturer, Speaker

“I found 'Breakthrough Customer Growth' a practical workbook style read on CRM. This is one book that is definitely going to get scribbled on as there are many thought provoking questions and statements to answer. I really like the scenarios as it is easy to relate to these in my own business. Read it and apply concepts to take your business to the next level.”

Richard Abrahams

CEO, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

"The No.1 Place To Be Inspired"

“I am impressed with the clear layout of the book. It doesn’t convey wishy-washy ideas, but straightforward and ready to implement. I liked the scenarios, it is brilliantly portrayed. This book will contribute to the growth of CRM industry in general. I would recommend the book to anyone who doesn’t know what CRM is as well as anyone who is familiar with CRM.”

Garrett Trant

CEO at Denizon

Serial Entrepreneur

“Currently, I don’t use CRM in my business so I wanted to know more about CRM and how it can apply to my modern designer Kitchens, Bedroom & Bathroom furniture business in London. This book responds to that need. This is also a practical book which provided me with great insights and exercises that I can apply now. I highly recommend.”

Vinod Khimji,

CEO at Inspired Elements