This book is for you if you want to:

  • • Get even more new customers
  • • Generate even more sales from existing customers
  • • Minimise customer loss
  • • Identify and explore various ways to acquire a customer
  • • Know why customers prefer to do business with you
  • • Identify your best customers and get more customers through referral
  • • Build even more personal relationships with customers, thereby building customer loyalty
  • • Define and develop lead management and sales processes to achieve predictable sales
  • • Support your customers to the optimum
  • • Identify and track over 40 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for sales, marketing, service, customer and sales persons
  • • Discover various tools to make your company even more productive and profitable

Why is the book unique?

The book focuses purely on how to generate sales from new and existing customers using CRM, to allow businesses to undergo sales transformation.

Unique features include:

  • 184 ways to achieve sales using CRM.
  • • 214 actions or questions to help businesses generate even more sales.
  • • 67 fascinating facts.
  • • More than 110 mind-boggling quotes related to a particular chapter.
  • • 47 potential lead sources.
  • • 38 possible reasons a customer does business with you.
  • • 42 attributes/criteria by which your customers can rate your company.
  • • 26 communication methods you can use with your customers.
  • • 22 customer service attributes to check how satisfied your customers are.
  • • 24 sales team attributes to check how satisfied your customers are.

How is the book organised?

The book has fifteen chapters. Each chapter has been organised in the following way.

  • Quotes: Quotes applicable to each chapter topic.
  • • Facts: Some facts related to the chapter topic.
  • • Introduction: Introduction to the core issue the chapter is addressing. An imaginary business scenario is outlined with a brief explanation of the chapter topic. The reader is the central character.
  • • Scenario: Short business story depicting the scenario where multiple characters are present to help the reader understand the underlying problems and solutions in respect to the chapter topic.
  • • How can CRM help: It outlines ways to generate sales using CRM in respect to the chapter topic.
  • • Workshop: How the reader can practically apply the concepts, ideas or strategies mentioned in the chapter.
  • • Quotes: Chapter ends with quotes related to the chapter.

Any single idea, action, quote or fact mentioned in the book has a potential to transform your business.