The ultimate guide to create buyer persona


What is a buyer persona guide?

This is world’s most comprehensive buyer persona guide ever created.

This guide would help you to create, test, modify, retest buyer persona and reiterate the whole process, again and again, to get amazing results in your business ultimately transform your business.

 This guide divided in following eight sections. Each section has subsection.

1. Company Demographic Characteristic

2. Personal Characteristic

3. Psychographic Characteristic

4. Geographic Segmentation

5. Behavioral Segmentation

6. Wealth Segmentation

7. Technology Awareness/Usage Segmentation

8. Buyer Behavior Segmentation

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Who is for?

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, sales manager, marketing manager or associated with a digital marketing agency, in fact, anyone who needs to get clarity regarding who are their customer, who should be their customers and how to get new such customers.

This guide is applicable to small, medium and large size businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

How can we use this guide?

There are multiple usages. Few could be

  • Of course creating buyer profile as well as buyer persona
  • Defining target market to prepare market segmentation strategies
  • Understand specific buyer behavior

There are free buyer persona guides available. Why should I buy this?

Of course, there are many free buyer persona guides.

1. All guides follow a rigid structure which may or may not suitable to your unique style or your client’s requirement.

2. We have spent countless hours to produce this most comprehensive guide. We have defined more than 100 criteria. More than 80 such criteria have multi-choice values so you don't need to waste time on research. You don't need to ask your client to think. Let you or they choose values most applicable. 

3. This guide has many questions and exercises which could transform your business or your client's business.

Surprise me.

The best part of all is this buyer persona guide going to be updated frequently. That means we are constantly researching and updating so you can keep getting the best and the latest in the market. So you can focus on what you can do the best which is delivering huge value to your company or to your client.